What is ShorttrackWorld?

Founded in April 6, 2015 as a small instagram community within a group of friends, we quickly noticed how @shorttrackworld was able to connect speed skating athletes of all abilites, fans and contributors in such an intimate and friendly way. And as of recently, we wanted to upgrade our platform to promote greater interaction within the speed skating community to athletes and fans of all ages and abilities. 

We are extra proud to be currently hosting these features:

"Sportlight" - a bi-weekly online blog that features some of the unique people and events within the short track community. Interviews and more!

Discussion board - a free and open discussion platform hosted by Muut™ for athletes from all over the world to connect with each other; ALL LANGUAGES ARE WELCOME! 欢迎!Welkom! Willkommen! 환영! ようこそ!

"Exciting Content" - We host regular video/photo contests and also share NEW and INNOVATIVE training methods to the community!

•News Corner and Results - To keep fans and athletes up to date on who's winning! Also links to ticket purchase!

•Shop - High quality merchandise essential for every Short Track World fan!