Semen Elistratov's 1000m World Record is Formally Ratified by the ISU

Short-track Olympic champion Semen Elistratov also had a short track 1000m record time of 1.22,607 ratified after he set it in Dresden in February.

Pavel Kulizhnikov, a two-time sprint world champion in long track events, set two world 500 metres records last year. His 500m world record was also formally recognised.

Both were subsequently banned after failing tests for meldonium, an endurance boosting substance that was only added to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned list on January 1.

In April, WADA admitted, however, that more research was required to assess how long the drug remained in the human body.

Athletes could therefore avoid punishment if below one microgram of the heart attack drug was detected and their failed test came before March 1.

Both Russians had their suspensions lifted.

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