ISU introduces personalised helmets to Short Track for the 2016/17 Season

Short track speed skaters will be able to wear personalised helmets from the 2016-17 season, the International Skating Union (ISU) have confirmed.

Skaters may wear headgear with "artistic designs" thanks to the rule-change, which was first touted at the ISU Congress in Dubrovnik in June.

No helmet covers will be used at any ISU short track events during 2016-17, except for the World Junior Championships, which means competitors will be able to come up with their own styles.

It is hoped that the move will improve the TV spectacle of short track speed skating and make the sport appeal more to a younger audience.

However, the ISU said that covers may be brought back in at any time and there are still a number of rules on what is allowed.

No obscene or "provocative" designs are allowed, with criminal, racist or religious symbols also banned.

Fluorescent colours are not allowed and anything referring to a commercial brand's logo, pattern or artwork is also forbidden.

National flags are allowed, but words and slogans of any kind are ruled out.

A space must also be left available for the ISU sponsor's logo.

Artwork designs need to be submitted by September 30 before the ISU will approve the designs.

The ISU will also continue to use dedicated helmet numbers which a skater will use throughout the season.

These are based on the overall results of the 2016 ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, with the world champions wearing number one.

China's Han Tianyu and South Korea's Choi Min-jeong were the men's and women's overall champions repetitively in Seoul in March, meaning they will have the number one honour during 2016-17.

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