Calgary 2026: City council expresses interest in bidding for the host city for the Winter Olympics

38 years after hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary has demonstrated interest in a potential bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. Calgary has roughly a year to decide whether to proceed with a 2026 bid. The IOC will choose a winner in July, 2019. Rivals could include Switzerland, where five cities are vying to be the Swiss candidate.

The potential bid has the enthusiastic support of the mayor and city council but also attracted criticism, from questions about the IOC – called “deeply corrupt” by one dissenting city councillor – to the value of hosting the Olympics. The last Winter Olympics in Russia cost a fortune and this month’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have been beset by problems.

The city, along with it's Sports Tourism Authority hopes to get people from all over the country enthusiastic about the potential bid and believes that the erection of olympic venues could contribute to new infrastructure plans within the city.

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